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Donate to Rancho Ventura - Home of the Two Trees


Help Preserve Ventura's Historical, Agricultural, and Natural Resources

All 860 acres entrusted to Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust suffered the impacts of the Thomas Fires. A good deal of the oaks, sycamores, and other vegetation and grasses were lost to the Thomas fire.

Our immediate goal now is to begin to help the land heal so that the abundant wildlife can return to their habitat. The mountain lions, deer, rabbits, the birds, insects, and other critters that call these hillsides home need our help. We can do this together by restoring the land. This includes planting native vegetation, seeding grasses and planting coastal oaks.

Your donation will help restore the land and habitat post Thomas Fires. We will continue to honor and share the land's heritage with you through informative and engaging programs, including hikes, field trips, and tours. Rancho Ventura Trustees are committed to increasing the natural habitat and wildlife diversity and support the highest level of biodiversity that exists in California. We thank you for helping us and look forward to your continued support.

With gratitude,

Richard Atmore, President
Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust