Please donate now to help our hillsides recover from the Thomas Fire.

Your donation will be applied directly to our hillside restoration projects.

$370 raised

$598,100 goal

/ 150


How it works: Sponsor the planting of a tree, vegetation, seed planting, and other riparian habitat projects that will enable the land entrusted to Rancho Ventura to habitat and wildlife to recover and thrive post Thomas Fire. All restoration fund partners and sponsors will be recognized on the land with signs and markers as well as on all of our communication and social media platforms.

All donations will be applied to the following restoration projects.

Coastal Oak woodlands Replanting:

* Entire Project: $195,000
* Replanting of one grove of woodlands: $45,000
* Replanting of one Coastal Oak: $1,500.00
* Replanting of one Sycamore Tree: $1,000.00
* Replanting of one Toyon: $500.00

Open Space Revegetation Project:

* Entire Project $225,000
* Replanting of one area $25,000
* Replanting of an Elderberry, Saltbush, Mule Deer, or other native vegetation: $250.00

Wildlife Protection Project:

* Mountain Lion preserve: $100,000
* Restoration of Deer habitat: $50,000
* Bird & Bugs Sanctuary project: $25,000

Open Space Restoration Fund

* Trail maintenance: $500.00
* Weed Warrior: Invasive weed management: $100.00
* Trail signs and markers for hikes and tours: $2,500.00

Any amount is greatly needed and appreciated.

Our Supporters